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The Architects

Rev. Bro. Louis Bureau
The First Provincial Superior of India(1954 - 2011)

He most lives, who think most, feels the noblest and acts the best. Throughout the centuries there were men who took the first step down new roads, armed with nothing but with their own vision. In 1954, the Most Rev. Dr. Louis Mathias - late Archbishop of Madras - Mylapore and Rev. Bro. Louis Bureau - late Bro. Eleazar, Provincial Superior of Montfort Brothers in India had a preliminary talk and decided to transfer Santhome High School which was then popularly known as the "Anglo Vernacular School" from the Archdiocese to the Society of the Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel. The profound and committed service rendered by the Montfort Brothers to the socially and economically depressed through the missionary work has made the School progress tremendously.

Rev. Bro.John of the Cross
Principal & Correspondent (1954-58)

The transfer.of the School to Montfort Brothers took place in 1954. Bro. John of the Cross took charge on 8th June 1954. The new Academic year started with six Brothers forming a new Religious community, planting the gabriel flag on Santhome soil. Free mid day meals scheme was introduced. Games and sports found a place in the School curriculum. A holistic development began to emerge slowly and steadily under Bro. John's leadership.

Rev. Bro.Augustinus
Principal & Correspondent (1959-60)

Santhome High School was privileged to have Bro. Augustinus as the Headmaster. He was a man of large heart and a friend to all.

Rev. Bro.Alphonso Pacceco
Principal (1960-61)

Bro. Alphonse took charge as Headmaster for the Academic year 1960 - 61. He was a tender hearted humanitarian.

Principal (1961-68)& Correspondent (1962-68)

It was a challenging opportunity for the Brothers to build up Santhome to its glory. Various clubs were established, a parallel section of English medium was started from 1963 - 64 onwards. In 1965, Montfort Preparatory was founded as a feeder school to supply students for English medium in Santhome. During his term approval for two English medium sections were obtained and the school was raised to Higher Secondary. A double storey High school building with the school office, Headmaster room and spacious class rooms were constructed at Santhome premises and was blessed by His Grace Most Rev. Dr. Arulappa, the Archbishop of Madras - Mylapore and it was declared open by the Hon'ble Chief Minister Thiru C.N. Annadurai in 1968.

Rev. Bro.Stephen
Principal & Correspondent (1968-74)

Santhome was under his leadership from 1968 - 1974. A dynamic person with a systematic approach, enhanced the reputation of the school academically and in other disciplines. A library was established. For the first time an educational exhibition was held in all the subjects. The Stephen Memorial T.T. Tournament conducted during the past years perpetuated the memory of this illustrious person.

Rev. Bro.Raphael
Principal & Correspondent (1974-79)

Rev. Bro.Raphael was a man of rare qualities and virtues. Under his leadership in 1977, Santhome reached the peak of excellence. For the first time in Santhome history, the students gave 100% success in the SSLC exams. Not only in studies, students started shining in various aspects. Children started bringing glory to the school. He gave utmost importance to the welfare of the Teachers and introduced the Teachers Guild, Staff Benefit Fund, Casual Leave and Gratuity (for Montfort Staff). The school was upgraded to Higher Secondary in 1978. The second floor was added to the High school building and a plan was chartered out for a Higher Secondary block. Brother played a key role in encouraging and promoting the game of Basket Ball and Cricket in Santhome carving out a name for itself as a "Sports - Strong" school.

Rev. Bro.Octavian
Principal & Correspondent (1979-80)

Brother was a strict disciplinarian and a great musician. He was the Headmaster of Santhome in the year 1979 - 1980. It was at that time that the Brothers Quarters was demolished and the Hr. Sec. School building was started. A second floor was added to the Montfort Preparatory School. He had a short and sweet stay in Santhome during which he enjoyed the company of the little children and that had a rejuvenating effect on him.

Rev. Bro.Camillus
Principal & Correspondent (1980-86)

Rev. Bro. Camillus took over as the Headmaster and Correspondent in the year 1980. Modernisation was the key note of his term. The aesthetically designed Higher Secondary block with fully equipped labs and the mini Auditorium with modern teaching equipments stands as a testimony to this great visionary. He was an ardent lover of Table Tennis. He had been promoting T.T. even as a young Brother of the community. He revived the T.T Club, christened it St. Rita's Club and elevated it to a prestigious position. A library was established in Montfort and the cubs and bulbuls were given a lot of opportunities that helped them to outshine other schools. His two books "Thangaraj grows up" and "After school what?" are thought provoking books for the youth. He was a fine, gentle, deeply affectionate and dynamic Principal who had the common good at heart.

Rev. Bro.Selvanathan
Principal & Correspondent (1986-91)

Rev. Bro. Selvanathan was appointed as the Headmaster and Correspondent in the year 1986 and his tenure at Santhome was for five years from 1986 to 1991. He was an efficient administrator, educationalist and a strict disciplinarian. Well planned work and execution was the keynote of his term. During his time priority was given to improve the quality of education and raised the result percentage. The infrastructure and facilities were good enough. The middle school building was built during his tenure and the foundation laid for the indoor Stadium. In matter of principles, he stood like a rock. The colourful quarterly magazines that rolled out regularly was a bridge between the school and home. The silver jubilee of the Montfort Preparatory school and that of his own religious profession were celebrated with piety and gaiety.

Rev. Bro.George.K.J
Principal & Correspondent (1991-97)

Rev. Bro. K.J. George took charge as the Headmaster and Correspondent in 1991. Santhome made giant strides to become one of the most prestigious institutions in the city. Structurally the entire campus received a facelift with the renovation of the two libraries, labs, staff rooms, garden and the monuments and landmarks here and there are worth talking about. The whole campus turned into a poetry in stone. The crowning glory of it all was the colossal Montfort Indoor Stadium. It was a matter of pride for Santhomians when Montfort Indoor Stadium, dedicated to the sportsmen of India was chosen as a venue for the VII SAF Games. Innovative methods to improve the standard of education were introduced. Euresan'93 and'96, two state level exhibtions covering all dimensions of education was very successfully organised. Computer aided education was introduced. The introduction of co-education in 1995 was one of the major changes brought about in the school during his venture. Bro. George carried Santhome to heights never reached before.

Rev. Bro.A.V.Thomas
Principal & Correspondent (1997-2000)

In 1997 Bro. A.V. Thomas took over as the Headmaster and Correspondent. An impetus was given to computer education. New learning methodologies based on interactive system were adopted. The Guides movement was started.

Rev. Bro.George.V.M
Principal & Correspondent (2000-02)

In 2000 Rev. Bro. George V.M. took over as the Headmaster and Correspondent. He was a tender hearted humanitarian and a very compassionate person. During his tenure he insisted on child centered education.

Rev. Bro.J.Jesuraj
Principal & Correspondent (2002-08)

Rev. Bro. J. Jesuraj took charge as the Headmaster and Correspondent in 2002. He was a unique and affable personality and a man of few words. Generous to the needy and compassionate to the poor. The IOB Sports fitness centre was inaugurated. The historical milestone in the history of Montfort Brothers - The Centennial celebration culminated on 30th December 2001 in the sacred soil of Santhome Higher Secondary School and Golden Jubilee of the Montfortian presence in Santhome was celebrated under his leadership. Blessing of the Montfort Centenary block and Golden Jubilee computer lab and releasing of Santhome Anthem took place the same day. In 2005 Montfort Preparatory was recognised as a Matriculation School by the Government of Tamilnadu and it was re-christened as Montfort Academy. Euresan 2007, an exclusive Science and Arts fair was conducted on 12th to 14th November 2007. Inter school state level Basketball, Volleyball and Badminton Tournament for both boys and girls was also held at Santhome. L. Krishnamoorthy of Class X scored the State second rank in the year 2006. That was the first time a Tamil medium boy secured a State rank. Krishnamoorthy made the Santhomians proud by his exemplary achievement. Thus his efficient administration made a remarkable progress in Santhome.

Rev. Bro.Soosairaj
Principal & Correspondent (2008-2010)

Rev. Bro. Soosairaj took charge as the Headmaster in 2008. Brother was a voracious reader and a visionary with a most innovative mind. To say about his spiritual nourishment, he promoted spirituality through meaningful and inspiring prayers, bringing about a total surrender of oneself to the Almighty. He brought a progressive awareness among Santhomians maintaining to clean and green campus. In order to enhance Eco friendly practices saplings were presented as mementoes to mark important occasions. Jesus Voice Recording Studio, Purified drinking water plant (RO system) and St. Montfort mid day meal block were constructed. Mini Auditorium was renovated and christened as Marian Audio Visual room and the Automation room was renovated and named as Frantrie Knowledge centre. Brotherhood week was celebrated to emphasize the need to live a life of values and to live in oneness with nature. The spirit of Christmas was shared by visiting prisoners, reformation school children and orphanages. All efforts taken by the true son of nature were well spoken in admiration and remembered with gratitude.

Rev. Bro.Antonysamy
Principal & Correspondent (2010-...)

Bro. Antonysamy took up charge as Principal and Correspondent in June 2010. Besides being a Councilor in the Trichy Province, he is an able Administrator with a touch of humour. He is an ardent lover of sports and games, simple by nature, keen in punctuality and in the all round development of the students. Being generous in nature his heart reaches out to the poor and needy who are invisible to layman’s eyes. He created a fund for the poor boys in the Tamil medium section. During the Advent Season of 2011 he helped the organizations run for the HIV dying and destitute in Thiruvanamalai and Chingleput. With a flair to make a difference, Bro. Antonysamy, a highly qualified Principal is ready to create innovative newness in our joyfully alive campus.


From 1954 to 2011 Santhome Higher Secondary school has grown with all its success and failures, achievements and limitations to the present position. The Brothers of St. Gabriel, have rendered selfless service and love especially to the marginalized, ably carrying out all the responsibilities entrusted to them to the best of their ability, utilising the God given gifts to live a worthy life through new initiatives. Let us uphold the nobility and heritage of this holy land on which our prestigious Santhome Hr. Sec. School stands.

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